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We might be called cynical here at internettop40.com but if you were going to watch a sport or had to watch a sport with your grandfather which would it be Soccer, football baseball or maybe Golf?  Golf seen as The Annual or seems like every other month PGA Championships would you least like to watch? Now to us its, true that golf is boring to watch but one of the few sports that does not take great stature to be good at or MAKE A LOT OF MONEY, So how or why is the most boring sport seemingly so popular? Well Im sure you can think of a bunch of reasons Money being the main one. Rich old men hitting a ball around a beautiful green course with water and sand and trees everywhere you look, telling all their other old rich buddies to play and put some money on the game. Anyway we want you to Upload other most boring sports either a jpeg of the logo or picture of someone playing the sport Dont forget our mantra UPLOAD VOTE & SHARE the posting!

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