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Embed from youtube or instagram videos of a day in your life!  Everyone is eligible. We are looking for someone who will represent our website and be able to explain how to use it and what its for! We are an open and ranked list website, what that means is an open list anyone can add an item picture or video and comments to the list. A ranked list simply means people can vote on any of the items and the item with the mos votes will automatically move into the #1 position and so on down to 2nd 3rd 4th and on down the line!

We are looking for males females and transgendered contestants to apply ultimately we will pick only one spokesmodel but we will have several other categories of male, female and transgendered! So there is more than one spot available! Thank you and may the spokesmodel win*!


*There are no real prizes involved all filming for the pilot will be done in louisville, kentucky all contestants will be responsible for their own expenses and transportation!

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