Poor Little Rich Girl! Inside Kim’s Plot To Cash In!

Kim Kardashian‘s new toned-down image is really just a calculated attempt to get even more rich, RadarOnline.com has learned.

According to a source close to the 36-year-old, the new persona Kardashian has crafted on social media in the weeks since her horrific robbery in Paris is more of a money-making scheme than a true change of heart.

“Kim is using these new photos to put together a series for a new photo book, which will follow her last book, Selfish,” an insider told Radar.

“She wants to give fans a glimpse of her new life and her new self,” the insider told Radar. But it’s all a facade.

“In addition, Kanye is also planning on using photos from the series as a cover for his upcoming studio album.”

As Radar reported, the mother of North, 2, and Saint West, 1 re-emerged on social media last week with a brand new look.

The shocking photos posted on her social media sites depicted grubby clothes, grimy couches, and beat-up walls, a far departure from her previously blunged-out posts.

According to online reports, the new photos of Kardashian and West, which are all on her Instagram page, were actually not taken at the Kardashian’s home at all.

In fact, the entire series was shot at the Malibu home of West’s close friend and collaborator, Rick Rubin!

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