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  • Trump-Putin Summit: Secrets Of Their Historic Meeting Lets hope it Happens!

    Donald Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin will hold a secret summit within 45 days of Trump’s inauguration to cement the first U.S.-Russia alliance since World War II — and redraw the world map for the 21st century! has learned the summit will likely be in the Swiss city of Davos. A Trump source revealed the details exclusively to […] More

  • We Want a Real Democracy we Don’t need the Feds Anymore!

    We here in America and the world no longer need the federal government or at least not as much. I urge the citizens of America to prepare yourself for an old way of government. Whereby all citizens vote on everything. with todays technology we can do this, anyone who is interested in any aspect of […] More

  • Obama “laying the lumber” on Russia and Republicans

    Obama is far from happy in regard to Putin’s meddling in American political affairs. And why is this so shocking? Putin was a master spy, and he feared economic sanctions being perpetuated under a more-Hawkish Clinton Administration. More

  • Trump Wins Presidency of Course!

    His candidacy was born in spectacle, nurtured on controversy, and careered from one self-inflicted disaster to another, overturning every rule of modern American politics along the way. With virtually no on-the-ground organization, lackadaisical support at best from the leaders of his own party, and outspent by a large margin in advertising, Donald J. Trump won […] More

  • Midnight Rally’s for Both Parties!

    RALEIGH, N.C., and GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. — A confident Hillary Clinton spent her final day on the presidential campaign trail flanked by pop stars, her family and the Obamas, promising to try to “heal” the country if she’s elected president. Across four rallies in three states, Clinton looked ahead to a potential victory, promising voters […] More

  • Nasty Boys and Girls Well Screw Them!

    The 2016 presidential election has been one of the ugliest races in the nation’s political history, and its after-effects could be even worse. No matter who wins on Tuesday, half the country will be angry. If Donald Trump wins, Democrats will blame FBI Director Jim Comey. If Hillary Clinton wins, Trump and his supporters will likely […] More

  • People Get Paid to Vote!

    First of all national governments of all the world including the U.S.A. need to be dismantled. The power needs to ge given back to the people, how do we do this, by alowing people to get paid to vote! Now let that sink in for a minute . Okay now that computers and robots are […] More

  • KREI That’s Kentuckiana Real Estate Investors #1 KREI Group!

    Real Estate Investors Meetup of Louisville Louisville, KY 518 Investors This is a place for new & experienced real estate investors to network, learn, share experiences, resources, and know-how.It is a group input format, meaning there is a lot o… Next Meetup to be determined Thursday, Nov 17, 2016, 7:00 PM3 Attending Check out this […] More

  • Op-Ed: Why those polls that say Clinton’s ahead could be wrong!

    There’s one word to describe the major national presidential election polls over the last two weeks: “wild.” Just about all of those wild swings in the polls lately have been in favor of Hillary Clinton, as she’s now increased her lead from less than one percentage point in the RealClearPolitics poll average to 4.6 points […] More