December 2016

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  • We Want a Real Democracy we Don’t need the Feds Anymore!

    We here in America and the world no longer need the federal government or at least not as much. I urge the citizens of America to prepare yourself for an old way of government. Whereby all citizens vote on everything. with todays technology we can do this, anyone who is interested in any aspect of […] More

  • Humans Killed Off These 12 Animals, And You Didn’t Even Notice!

    GREEN Over the past decade, we’ve wiped out mammals, birds, amphibians and more. And it’s all to our own detriment. 12/16/2016 03:04 pm ET 6k   <div class=”author-card” style=”box-sizing: inherit; padding-top: 7px; padding-bottom: 7px; display: inline-flex; -webk More

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  • Trump: “Lil Jon” is an Uncle Tom!

    On The Apprentice, Trump called Lil Jon and Uncle Tom simply because he was wearing an Uncle Sam shirt. More

  • Obama “laying the lumber” on Russia and Republicans

    Obama is far from happy in regard to Putin’s meddling in American political affairs. And why is this so shocking? Putin was a master spy, and he feared economic sanctions being perpetuated under a more-Hawkish Clinton Administration. More

  • Richard Sherman KNOCKS OUT Rams QB

    There’s a reason why they refer to the Seahawks secondary as the Legion of Boom. Just take a look at Goff’s face! The question to ask him is: did he see the light at the end of the tunnel?! More

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    SonReal – For The Town (Official) (1 submission)

    Published on Apr 29, 2015 “For The Town” EP available now on iTunes: Listen to “For The Town” EP on Spotify: SEE SONREAL ON TOUR NOW: More

  • Open list

    Vote for your Favorite Top 40 Video! (25 submissions) create your own music charts top songs by vote. whichever song gets the most votes automatically moves into the #1 position along with all the other songs in your list. embed all your favorite youtube videos on then share the list with your friends “1 vote per user per list per week!” […] More